A tool for taking associative notes

Thinktool's associative note-taking makes interconnected notes simple to explore. Freely connect related notes together with bidirectional links, or organize notes into loose outlines with multiple parents. Thinktool is the right tool for understanding complex topics.

Multiple Parents

Any outliner lets you split a topic into subtopics, but sometimes items don't belong to just one category. With this feature, you can put each note in multiple places.

Bidirectional Links

Use bidirectional links to associate related notes. With bidirectional links, you can just start writing, and worry about structuring your notes later. Thinktool will automatically show you the links you've added between notes – in both directions.

Seamless Exploration

Thinktool shows everything right there in the outline view. You can see references and other parents without clicking on anything, giving you seamless and context-aware exploration.

Try it!

I'm actively working on Thinktool. It may become a paid service in the future (aiming for ≤$5/mo.), but while it's still in early development, you can use it for free.

I'm also currently working on an offline app for Thinktool. You can download a early prototype.

(Or try something else.)

Thinktool is directly inspired by outliners like Org mode, Workflowy and Dynalist. The difference is that Thinktool lets you put one item in multiple places, so you're not limited to a hierarchy.

Roam Research is another associative note-taking application, and it's much more polished than Thinktool. I'd recommend it! That being said, Roam is mostly focused on linking, and is a bit worse than Thinktool at structuring lots of notes.