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An outliner without the hierarchy.

Outliners like Workflowy are more convenient than other note-taking tools, but they have one problem: people don't think in lists. Thinktool looks like an outliner, but it structures your thoughts like a graph, so you can freely connect any item to any other item.

Give it a try.

I'm currently developing Thinktool. Therefore, it's quite unstable, and the current preview is mainly intended for testing.

That being said, you can try it out now, and if you like it, you can sign up for an account. The preview is currently free, but Thinktool may become a paid subscription service in the future. Click the button below to check out a free demo in your browser:

Open demo

Alternatives to Thinktool.

Thinktool is directly inspired by outliners like Org mode, Workflowy and Dynalist, but Thinktool uses a more powerful data model underneath.

Roam is another unusual outliner that tries to solve the same problems as Thinktool but takes a different approach.

Thinktool structures your data in a similar way to TheBrain, but while Thinktool looks like an outliner, TheBrain looks like a mind-map.